Monday, February 22, 2010

Can You Help This Boy?

"Rahm" is nine years old. He was born early - at only 7 months gestation. He is a twin but his brother did not survive. He has an 11 year old brother and the boys and their parents are extremely impoverished.

"Rahm" got off to a rough start and his life is not easy now but he faces still another challenge - one that can be dealt with - if only his parents had enough money to take care of it. As it is, they struggle to pay the rent and feed the boys. "Rahm", because of his early birth, was born with undesended testicles.

His parents have had no money to take him to doctors to discuss treatment of this problem but, last year, "Rahm" became very ill and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. When the doctor examined him, he told the parents that this problem must be dealt with as soon as possible. In fact, the physician told them, it is getting to be "too late" and really, now is his last chance. If he does not have corrective surgery now, he will never be able to have children. This condition also explains why "Rahm" has involuntary urination. Rough on a young boy who already fears going to school because the non-Iraqi students there bully and beat him because he's Iraqi.

CRP does not usually ask for contributions for medical-related issues because their cost can be so high but we know that there are no other options for this boy and we must ask.

Cost for his surgery and related tests and hospitalization will be somewhere between $500 - $800.

If you are able to help this boy, please contact us:

***note "Rahm" is not this boy's name. We want to protect his dignity and privacy by not revealing his true name nor publishing his photo