Friday, May 14, 2010


 CRP's third English Language Social night on May 11th was the best yet! Iraqi learners and native English speakers shared another evening of food, friendship and conversation. Attendance was well over 40 this week and we were happy to know we could handle that capacity in our new place! 
One of the Iraqis attending said that the Social night reminds him of when he lived in Baghdad "before" (the invasion) and colleagues or those who shared an interest would get together once a week in much the same way. A mother of 4, seeing her youngest giggling with a new friend, exclaimed "My daughter feels happy here!" Although the intent of the social is for English learners to practice using English and to hear English spoken by native-speakers, it is also a chance for families to escape their problems for a few hours of laughter and in good company. 

  These photos were taken early in the evening before many arrived. I regret that I forgot to take photos of the men who take over the activities room once the food has been put away for Dominoes Night. I'll remember to take some photos next week. 

Many of our current volunteers are US students studying Arabic at University of Jordan. Their semester is nearly over and they'll be returning to the US soon. They have been amazing in getting the social going and showing up to make it the success it is! There are no words adequate to thank them enough for all they have done! 
Thank you Liz, Michelle, Emily, Allie, Adam (...and.. if I've left any names off, please remind me)!!!