Monday, October 6, 2008

from Japan...........

We thank freelance translator and journalist, Kimberly Hughs - US citizen who lives and works in Japan - for her recent article in Kyoto Journal about Iraqi refugees in Jordan and CRP's efforts. Kim also wrote to tell us that Peace Not War Japan held a benefit concert last week and that CRP was priviledged to be chosen as one of four organizations to receive the proceeds from the concert.

We are very pleased to join together in international cooperation with Japanese activists to bring relief to Iraqi refugees in Jordan!

Thank you Peace Not War -Japan and Kimberly Hughs!

Japanese activist and humanitarian worker Nahoko Takato , who is a strong supporter of CRP as well as providing assistance to Iraqis inside of their country has arrived in Amman. She will be with us for 9 days. CRP is privileged to have her support and, through her, to unify with Japan in efforts to alleviate some of the suffering of Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

Today, Nahoko, Sasha, and Manal will visit some of the families who have received CRP micro-projects.