Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear Friends of Collateral Repair Project

CRP co-directors, Sasha and Mary, will be blogging from the Middle East beginning August 5. We'll be there and writing to you from this blog for the next 3 months! We are thrilled to return and to once again be working directly with our wonderful and dedicated Amman Team members: Maha, Sanaa, Manal and Salwan.

We will visit many more Iraqi refugees in Amman and share their stories and photos with you here as well as giving you a closer look at the challenges they face while living in exile.

We'll also visit all of the past recipients of our micro-projects that you have funded to see how they are doing so that we can assess how well this project is improving their lives. We'll share the updates on these families you are already familiar with you here also.

We are excited to tell you that we will also be visiting Damascus, Syria during our time in the ME as we hope to expand our project to assist Iraqis there.

Please consider subscribing to this blog as it will be replacing our usual UPDATE while we are in the ME.

In peace & action - and always grateful for your support,

Sasha Crow & Mary Madsen - CRP co-directors