Sunday, September 28, 2008

And then.........

Diana in Seattle hosted a Presidential Debate Night benefit party for CRP last Friday. This small group of compassionate people dug deep and gave big - contributing over $2000 to enable more Iraqi families to be able to provide for their families!

Today Manal and I met Kareema downtown to purchase an industrial sewing machine for her micro-project. She had arrived at the sewing machine shop much earlier than our appointment, eager to begin working. She has contracts with shops in her neighborhood who are waiting for her wares. Despite being old enough to have teenage children, her grin resembled a child's on Christmas when she saw her new sewing machine. PHOTO SOON

I think her words express the gratitude of all of us in the CRP Team as well:

'I thank you from my head, my mouth and from every corner within me!'
Then this heartwarming email came in from Karen, a long-time CRP supporter who, with CODEPINK Seattle, organized a benefit for CRP in August. She had also attended Diana's benefit:

After attending Diana's amazing event, I was so moved by the willingness of a small group to do what they could on behalf of the Iraqi people. I gave what I could including the dollars in my wallet.

So when I stopped for coffee this morning---I was counting out my change to see what I could afford, mentioning that I had given my money away at a fundraiser for Iraqi refugees. The man behind me offered to buy my coffee. I told him that's ok, but he insisted.

So I told him more about the project, by way of thanking him and he, without hesitation, handed me $20. The heart of America is with the Iraqi people--when we let them know.

While we continue to do what we can to end the war & occupation. We can on a daily basis do something to help individuals devastated by what is being done in Iraq

Thank you, Seattle, and to all of our other wonderful donors!