Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Delivery

On Easter Sunday we revisited the young family we told you about a few weeks ago, whose children were so hungry at the time of our first visit that they ate the crayons and paints we brought them as gifts.  

They still live in the dismal, damp one-room flat, which held an overwhelming odor of urine from the defective plumbing.

We had heard that the young mother had visited a doctor and had learned the new baby will be a girl, so Sasha and went shopping for some nice pink baby gifts and had come to deliver them. We also brought a supply of staple foods (oil, flour, sugar, rice, pasta and other items) for the family, and a box of snack cakes for the children.   As she opened the gifts, the contrast between the new and clean clothes and blankets, and the shabby surroundings, was so sharp that I felt my heart sink.  We could not imagine bringing a tiny child into such a place.  We thought of newborn babies and how they always lift our spirits and bring a glow to our hearts, but standing inside that dismal room I felt a pang of despair, not only for the family having another member to care for, but for the child whose life may very well be one of hopelessness and poverty.

We asked that they please contact us when the baby is born so that we can make a return visit and see the new arrival.  Until then, they will be in my prayers and my thoughts.  They are one of many Iraqi refugee families here who live in poor conditions and need help urgently.  Fortunately, the cost of the birth of this child will be paid by CARE, but the family still does not receive any financial assistance.  We will continue to worry about this family and hope their conditions will improve soon.  Many thanks to our donors who contributed to help us bring this small amount of help to them! ~ Mary Shephard

Many more families await your help