Sunday, September 27, 2009

Collateral Repair Project has been nominated for Global Exchange's HUMAN RIGHTS HEROES AT HOME

Please take a moment to vote for us...and the Iraqis we serve Thank you!

There is a $1000 award for the nominee with the most votes. We would like to be able to win this award to use toward providing more much needed assistance to Iraqi refugees. We can, with your help!

Vote here:

IMPORTANT INFO: The voting site will ask you for your e-mail address because it will send you a confirmation e-mail to assure that you will only vote once.

The site will also ask you for a password - NOTE: It is NOT asking you for your personal e-mail password. You can create a unique password to use on the voting site so that you can leave comments about the nominees

Please leave comments! Since you know and support CRP your comments about our work are valuable in letting others know about us

Thank you!