Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honoring the strength, selflessness and courage of Iraqi mothers

March 21rst is Mothers Day in the Middle East. Maha and I delivered special cakes and potted flowers to Iraqi refugee mothers on their special day.

Many of the mothers we honored have lost children and husbands because of the US-led invasion. All are trying to care for their children under the most daunting circumstances. They struggle every day to provide adequate food and shelter for their kids. They fight to provide their children with education. They comfort children who have been traumatized by war. Many of their husbands are despondent without the ability to work to support their families and these wives endure much and they do their best to support and respect their partners during these difficult times. They nurture their families despite being traumatized themselves and the incredible challenges each day presents to them.

To make their day special, we honored them with cakes that they could never consider being able to afford and that they could share, as they share themselves so unselfishly, with their families. We brought them growing flowers as symbols of the beauty of their effort to nurture the lives that came through them. When we could, we gave the children the gifts to take into their homes to present to their mothers, resulting in many delighted smiles and kisses!

And with each delivery, we told these remarkable women that "Amrikan" and others of many nations give these gifts -

"with our love and respect for the courage, selflessness and strength
of Iraqi mothers and that we have not forgotten them"

photos of some of the mothers you honored on Mothers Day