Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"We found our mother's body cut into pieces...." March 7 09

We delivered food assistance to Intisar, her sister Anam, Anam's husband, Ala'a, and the couple's young son, five year old Mustafa.

They left Iraq after a series of harrowing events. Ala'a had papers thrown at him that carried the words "Leave Iraq or you will be killed". Then the unimaginable - Intisar and Anam's mother left her home to visit relatives and her travels led her down the dangerous road that runs by Abu Ghraib. She never made it to her destination. Anam tells us, "We found our mother's body cut into pieces" They speculate that she was a victim of a sectarian-motivated attack because they are of a minority sect who lived in an area that had been taken over by the other sect.

They struggle to pay for their most basic needs. Ala'a works as a custodian at a computer center two to three days per week. He receives only 2-3JD ($3-4.50) per full day's work though. The family has not received the UNHCR cash grant. They rely on charity to pay the relatively small rent of 80JD per month. Intisar tells us, "Sometimes we cant pay the rent. The owners live above us so this is difficult. But when we get assistance from people, we pay it"

In addition to the food assistance, Maha called to make sure that this family is put on a list to be evaluated for eligibility for cash assistance from UNHCR