Friday, February 27, 2009

Sakher's evaluation by US cardiologist team - Feb 22 09

For more information about this boy, please read our initial post about him and then read our most recent post: Update on Sakher - Feb 7.

Two US pediatric cardiologists have arrived in Amman to assess treatment options and perform heart surgeries for children in the region. Doctors Turrentine and Farrell have agreed, with participation by Sakher's pediatric cardiologist here in Amman, Dr Salameh, to provide Sakher with a free evaluation to see if he is a candidate for corrective surgery.

After a long wait while other children were evaluated, Sakher was examined by Dr Salameh and Dr Farrell. They both agreed that a determination as to whether or not Sakher would be a candidate for surgery cannot be made until Sakher has a current catherization test to see if his arteries are capable of being spliced together to form the arteries he needs.

The cost of this procedure is $800! Of course, Sakher's mother Nadia cannot afford this. And we who have been following this boy's case and looking for treatment options for him, cannot allow this opportunity to pass by. The catherization is scheduled for Tuesday! At last we will find out if this boy is a candidate for a live-saving surgery!

We decided to schedule the cath while the two American doctors are in Amman and to pay for it out of the funds we have now that are earmarked to pay for assistance to refugees in March. However, this leaves our budget deficient for March projects for others who need help. So we ask you to please help us to recover our March funds by donating to help pay for the catherization.