Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kid's Valentine's Day Party - Feb 14

Maha's son, Mustafa, one of his friends, and Maha's daughter Zuzu help decorate before the party

30 children and their moms attended. The party was utter chaos and terrific time was had by all!

The children played "pin the tail on the donkey" for the first time ever...

The expression on this boy's face tells you what a hit it was

then some of the moms joined in!

Of course, Maha and I had to join in!

We also played 'musical chairs' which everyone was familiar with. The kids played...

as well as their mothers!

and everybody was a winner - every child got a prize

It's not a party unless you have cake...

As the party wound down and most of the happy guests had left, some of the kids gave our game donkey a make-over

and they colored some quilt squares that I will bring back with me to the US to be made into quilts to be exhibited and auctioned to raise funds for our projects.

The girls drew hearts and flowers and the boys drew spiders, ambulances and airplanes

At last every balloon had been popped and the party ended

These children (and their parents) rarely have a day of pure enjoyment.
Thank you for making this possible for them.

A special thanks to Lana - for all of her help in preparation, explaining the games to the kids, for most of the photos above, and for being a general good sport!