Friday, February 27, 2009

Food assistance to to a family of 8 - Feb 26 09

Two of Bushra's sons joined us in our taxi to show us the way to the next home and lugged the heavy box of food up the steps and to the door of the house.

We found Shabeeb and Wia'am's five older children at home alone under the care of the eldest, 14 year old, Wadhah. When we entered, Wadhah was in the kitchen, burning incense on a metal plate on the gas stove top in their tiny kitchen.

The other children at home were 12 year old Ruquaya, Asdalrahaman - 9 years, Jamilla - 4, and & year old Salwa who Maha felt an immediate affinity for because she said Salwa reminded her of herself at that age.

Their parents had taken their baby sister with them to go to a dental appointment. They had hoped to be home by the time we arrived but, since they went to a clinic that provides health care to Iraqi refugees, the wait was long before they got in to see the dentist.

We gave the children their gifts and left to visit another family

Maha with Salwa